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Oral Surgery

In our practice, oral surgery includes simple extractions of unsalvageable teeth, surgical extractions (for badly decay teeth), and surgical extractions of impacted third molars (wisdom teeth). All extractions are performed under local anesthetic and if necessary oral sedation. We also provide tissue and bone regeneration therapies in conjunction or preparation for esthetic restorations or implants placement.

Oral Surgery When root canal therapy failed due to recurrent infections and retreatment is not an option, a surgical procedure to remove part or all of the affected root can be done as the last resort to save the tooth.

Other oral surgical procedures include the removal of excess bone (exostosis, lingual tori, palatal torus) to improve functions of a variety of prosthetic restorations (crowns and bridges, partial dentures, complete dentures).

Biopsies are taken when indicated to diagnose pathologies that may include oral cancer.